About Us


Company History

ESA Sales follows a tradition of excellence in manufacturer's representation in Puerto Rico. It all started back in 1958, when Moriss Saliss created M. Saliss Co., servicing the telecommunications industry of that era.  Ever since, the Company has evolved along with the local manufacturing industry. Under the lead of Ray Cuebas (1973-1990), and then Luis Vigo Sr. (1991-2005), the Company, operated then as Electronic Sales Associates, established itself as a leader in electronics representation covering Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Today the Corporation operates as ESA Sales, Inc. and has expanded its product offerings to the local pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, keeping its place among the top equipment and materials manufacturer’s representatives in the Caribbean.  In 2011 ESA expanded its territory to cover the Costa Rican market.

Company Mission Statement

ESA's mission is to present our customers with the best and most reputable equipment and materials suppliers in the industry, and through our support and relations help them grow their presence and market share in our territory.

Territory Covered

ESA covers Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica.  Our offices are located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.